Thursday, April 17, 2008

Action Photography.

Zone Focus: is when you find a specific area to focus in on, knowing & waiting for action to happen in that spot.

Shutter Speed: (how long the gate is open) Low shutter speed blurs motion and usually you will need to use a tripod to get a clearer picture. High shutter speed captures & freezes the action.

Panning: Capturing a moving object and blurring the background, making the object/subject as crystal clear as possible.Waiting for the

Pause: When there is an action taking place, there usually is a pause right before something happens; Waiting for the pause, is literally waiting for the moment before the real or intense action takes place.

More great Austin Architecture

1.Angles and Shapes
5.Angles and Shapes
13.Angles and Shapes
14.Angles and Shapes
15.Angles and shapes
Fav. photo #8
This photo is great. Its an eye catcher because of its lighting. It's almost as if it were a bright moon light. The shape of the ring beam and the circle lights make this a fantastic photo.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I will be taking the sports shoot during class.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cover History

1. Early Magazine Covers- Back then the covers had the Table of Contents, unlike present time in which the Table of Contents would be the 2 page.They would also have a simple design, a title with the publication date, there was no indication of what would be inside.
2. The Poster Cover- These were a big picture on the cover almost like a portait to be hung in a house. They wouldn't even be related to the content of the magizine, it would portray the current season, or a mood.
3. Pictures Married to Type- These used Cover lines to attact the readers attention with different font and sizes. While they would also associate the words with the pictures and use that to obtain a readers intrest.
4. In the Forest of Words- This made cover lines just as important as cover art, covers used vivid, large, prominent cover lines. Some covers of this period contain cover lines that are actually larger than the name of the magazine.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This is a portrait, they had a low depth of field so they can focus on the women in front, and her friends behind he out of focus. The effect is one women leading a group of many women, the picture tells me they have a common goal of some sort.


I read for 30 min my favorite one is "Still Here"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get portrait idea's.

This is a good potrait idea because his dark skin makes a cool looking effect with the black charcol background. I want to emulate the subject, and have the background go with the main subject.

Color Short

I plan on shooting people I know preferably a girl, in a dress or somthing similar to that.