Thursday, November 29, 2007

Photo Manipulation

The University of Wisconsin-Madison digitally inserted a black students face into the cover of their brochures. The reason for this was to show the racial diversity that is at the university. This was a big deal, and it is unethical, although the people who decided of what picture was to be put on the front cover, no one knew about the final mock-up till it was already printed.

The school was wrong for doing this, if you wanted to show diversity, take a picture of true diversity, rather then digitally putting it in. It was wrong, because if they have diversity like they say they do, a picture of it can be easily obtained.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Funny Captions

Mr. Wiggles frustrated at Mr.Doggs, decides to hang out at his favorite spot at the local cleaners to cool off. After being punched in the face by Mr. Doggs.
McPuffin sits down at the neighborhood park for some fresh air.
Later that day Mcpuffin went to the barber shop to get a perm.

Reports of goat smuggling across america, has the goat population at a decline. Yesterday a man was pulled over with 300 pounds of illegal goat.