Thursday, October 11, 2007

9/11 Composition

Framing- This picture is a good example of filling the frame,
and lines leading to the subject(Newspaper man) while
still having the building stand out but not take too much
attention away from the Newspaper man.
Avioding Mergers- This picture is a very good picture but it could easily
be improved by getting a different angle, trying to take this guys shoulder out of the picture.

Lines- This picture stands out very well because of the lines,which is whats left of the twin towers.

Balance- This picture balances out because, the poster board is balanced out by Osama Bin Laden being hanged.

The rule of thirds-This picture is great, the background doesn't take away from the real subject, the man which stands out, placing him in one of the rule of thirds intersections.

Simplicity- This picture is just simple.

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